Clients are the most important element of the service equation. Our OSCAP methodology provides insurance that we always integrate such thinking in the business process.

Mission Statement

The Shawmut Education computer repair refurbishment and deployment program is another example of how we use capacity building methods in order to help the digitally disadvanteged and provide a bridge across the digital divide. Computers donated to our organization are refurbished in a "learning process".

The learning process
  1. Demystifies many concepts important to understanding technology as individuals receive the opportunity to actually touch a hard drive (C:) as well feel a network card and other important hardware necessary for computer functionality.
  2. Allows individuals to learn, as well as take pride in the fact that their learning and work helped someone less fortunate. Shawmut Education refurbished computers are deployed in areas outside of the United States.
  3. The deployment of computers allow Shawmut Education to provide "distance learning". The process allows us to enhance lives and communities we might otherwise be unable to touch.
  4. Provides computer donors with multiple rewards. Not only are they helping someone here in the local community they are also helping someone in a far off community.

Shawmut Education views the program as an opportunity to provide "inspiration" to individuals and organizations alike. We provide a customized curriculum design that embraces, assimilates and nurtures the human spirit. Through confidence building, and goal achievement, students who complete course study will experience a renewed vigor and desire to play a positive role in their vocational, individual, family and community lives.


So What is This About?

Shawmut Education seeks a world where there is no digital or economic divide. A world where the Shawmut Education bridge to computer literacy has led to a reinvigorated ability for all individuals with an economic, cultural, and educational disadvantage, to dream. Dreams are cultivated into individual self confidence that leads by design to family, community, and corporate success. A world where the acquisition of computer literacy skills and pride in accomplishment leads to a dynamic, self sustaining workforce. Shawmut Education sees computer literacy as a path to individual fulfillment, economic transformation and social stability.


  1. To use our methodology (OSCAP) to create Dynamic Capacity Building Partnerships (DCBP) that show the way to team and community building.
  2. Create and strengthen alliances with other organizations and government agencies with common interests.
  3. To assist in job placement and/or career goals of homeless, special needs and oppressed individuals.
  4. To encourage and foster a holistic learning approach that serves to enrich the mind, body, spirit and financial health.
We are proud to announce the Board ratification of our Vision Statement in April 2003. We look forward to continuing our mission in order that our vision becomes a reality. This website will grow with such accomplishments. We will now go about the process of deciding exactly what this website will focus on!!



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